Derek Johnson

During the past few years, I have done a number of interviews with Derek and have enjoyed reading his many articles. From the very beginning I have been very impressed with his method of research, his questions and most importantly his writing skills.

Don James — Head Football Coach, Washington Huskies 1975 - 1992

Derek Johnson is the author of five books: Husky Football in the Don James Era, The Dawgs of War, Bow Down to Willingham, The Husky Hitman, and Rooting From Afar. His love of Husky football was perhaps a thing of destiny. On the day Derek was born, quarterback Sonny Sixkiller led the Huskies to a 56-7 win over Navy at Husky Stadium. His dad began taking him to games at the age of five, and Derek has avidly followed the team ever since, attending four Rose Bowls in the process.

Over the years, Johnson has interviewed a wide variety of sports figures, including Adrian Peterson, Brandon Roy, Lincoln Kennedy, Dave Hoffmann, Napoleon Kaufman, Warren Moon, Greg Lewis and Brandon Roy. His 2004 Sports Washington article, The Roses of Wrath, featured an interview with the late UW coach Don James, who revealed for the first time the specifics behind his 1993 resignation.

Johnson is a sportswriter for the Woodinville Weekly, and co-hosts the Hardcore Husky Podcast with former Huskies Kyle Benn and Mike Monan. Johnson also owns the football website HardcoreHusky.com.