Published works from Derek Johnson


  • Rooting From Afar | Digital Edition Only $5.49

    Military members following their favorite football teams while on deployment in the Middle East.

    In the dozen years since 9/11, more than 2 million US troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Navigating the gamut of roadside bombs, harsh living conditions and frustrating internal politics, these soldiers have endured pressures and anxieties that few Americans back home could ever understand. But for many of these troops, it was college football that brought the roar of Americana to their military bases in the Middle East...

  • The Husky Hitman | 154 pages, hardcover $19.95

    The life and times of a linebacker in the golden age of washington football

    As a football-crazed boy growing up in Texas, Dave Hoffmann discovered within himself a burning intensity and ferocious hitting ability that few others possessed. As a prep player in San Jose, California, he battled with a stuttering problem while developing into a talented linebacker under the mentorship of a former NFL player. When he arrived at the University of Washington in 1988, he played a central role amid an incoming recruiting class that banded together and vowed to take the mediocre Huskies to the top of the college football world...

  • Bow Down To Willingham | 240 pages, hardcover $19.95

    How white guilt enabled a secretly malicious coach to destroy the once-mighty Washington Huskies

    Tyrone Willingham was, at every turn, one man everybody could look at to make themselves feel good. In 2002, when he led Notre Dame football to a 10-3 record, the national media anointed him as an icon of impeccable integrity, discipline and class, the legendary "Molder of Men." For black Americans in particular, Willingham represented one of their own, rising to prominence in a high-profile position usually held by middle-aged white men.

    Following his controversial firing at Notre Dame, Willingham came to Washington in 2005 under great fanfare as UW's first-ever black head football coach. But from the moment Willingham got behind closed doors with his new team, a disturbing side of his personality emerged...

  • The Dawgs of War: A Remembrance | 141 pages, hardcover $19.95

    The powerful story of Marques Tuiasosopo, Curtis Williams and the Rose Bowl Champion Washington Huskies.

    When Marques Tuiasosopo entered his senior season at the University of Washington, his dream was to quarterback the Huskies to the Rose Bowl. Surrounding him was a cast of colorful characters possessing marginal talent. When Washington beat powerhouse Miami and pulled out a series of fourth quarter comebacks, it seemed every deficit could be overcome. But in late October, when an on-field collision paralyzed safety Curtis Williams, football fell to irrelevancy as the team reeled into despair...

  • Husky Football in the Don James Era | 314 pages $9.99

    An intimate portrayal of Don James' career at Washington. Required reading for anyone who loves Husky Football and the honorable man who was its coach.

    When Sports Illustrated once named the top three college football coaches in America, their list was:

    1. Don James. 2. Don James. 3. Don James.

    It was with understandable reason. In the eighteen years that James coached at Washington, the Huskies appeared in six Rose Bowls, won a national championship, and had a reputation for doing things the right way. When the Pac-10 Conference subsequently hit Washington with controversial sanctions in 1993, James resigned in protest, and this brought an ignominious end to a brilliant career...